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Ai Aiba Lodge forms part of the 200 000 hectare Erongo Mountain Nature Conservancy. This pristine wilderness area straddles the Erongo Mountains: a natural reserve within a vast volcanic crater complex, which boasts unparalleled biodiversity. At Ai Aiba Lodge, we like to encourage our guests to relax and take the time to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the Erongo Mountains and the Bushveld. It is a perfect place to spend the day by the pool with a good book, or if the energy of the granite mountains inspire you, to take a walk or drive with one of our experienced guides through the mountains.

Nature Drive / Bushman rock art

This drive takes about 3 hours, through the scenically beautiful lodge property, with selected stops at sites to view and learn about bushman rock art. Ai Aiba Lodge is home to over 200 different bushmen rock art sites and our guides have been professionally trained to interpret these paintings to our guests.

The drive will also include a stop for refreshments and snacks. A must-see for anyone visiting the area. This drive can be done both in the morning or the afternoon.

Morning drive – departs at 07h30 (Summer and Winter). Breakfast served from 07h00.

Afternoon drive – departs 17h00 in Summer*, and 16h00 in Winter*.

Guided Walks (Morning & Sundowner)

Walking the area surrounding the Lodge is highly encouraged and is an excellent way to experience the beauty of the Erongo Mountains. Our guides have been very well trained on the interesting Fauna and Flora of the area and are available to escort guests through the property.

Ÿ   Guided Morning walks: Breakfast is available in the restaurant from 07h00. Your guide will take juice and snacks along for en-route. Please carry your own water. Please ensure that you wear good walking shoes, and have adequate sun protection.  

1)     Ai Aiba Walk: This walk is 2 – 3 hours in duration and can be of varying degrees of          difficulty depending on your preference. It will include visits to certain rock art sites, and a focus on the smaller intricacies of nature.

Morning walk departs at 07h30 (Summer and Winter), from the restaurant.

2)     Walk & Drive: This activity starts from the lodge with a 10min drive to Moringa valley. From there guests hike to a number of different rock art sites, including some fantastic viewpoints along the way. Then another short drive (10-15min), followed by another hike through majestic landscape to view some more rock art sites and interesting rock formations. A short 20min drive will then take you back to the lodge. Total duration is approximately 3 hours.

Morning walk departs at 07h30 (Summer and Winter), from the restaurant.

3)     Walk with visit to the San Living Museum: This walk is approximately 3 hours. Our guides will walk with you to the San Living Museum, stopping at certain rock art sites en-route. Once at the Living Museum the bushman will take guests on a bushwalk, and then our guides will lead you back to the lodge again.

Morning walk departs at 07h30 (Summer and Winter), from the restaurant.


Ÿ   Guided Sundowner walk: Very close to the lodge, you will be guided up a granite hill where you can relax and enjoy a cold ‘sundowner’ drink while watching the sun set over spectacular views of the Erongo Mountains.

Sundowner walk departs at 18h30 (Summer) and 17h30 (Winter), from the restaurant.

Note that our guide will gladly take your drinks order, and carry the drinks up to the sundowner spot for you.

Mountain Biking Trails

On consolation with numerous expert trail builders, we have started developing a network of trails that will allow mountain bikers the opportunity to explore this spectacular landscape at their own pace.

There will be trails that cater for riders of all skills levels but the overall emphasis will remain one of enjoyable, free flowing, scenic trails. We currently have a beautiful 24km trail that follows mainly jeap-tracks and a few purpose-built single-track trails which are accessible to riders of any skills level. There are several extensions leading off from this trail, exploring some of the granite outcrops on the property, that cater for riders of higher skills levels seeking a more adventurous ride.

All trails are well marked and maintained.

Self - Guided Walking Trail

Please note that our self-guided walking trails are closed until further notice. We regret this situation, but were forced to make this decision as some of the rock art was defaced by visitors.

This trail takes about 1 hour, and is on the hill behind the lodge. It is marked by painted arrows. The trail goes past Rain Cloud Cave and Elephant Wall, both sites with bushman rock art. The trees along the route are tagged for identification – list available at Reception.

San Living Museum Tours

Various tours are available, and can all be booked directly at the lodge. Times are flexible, and bookings can usually be made according to your requirement:

  • Bushwalk – approx. 2hours. Learn about hunting, snaring, tracking, lighting fire and collecting bush food
  • Live in the Village – approx. 2 hours. Learn about singing and dancing, lighting a fire, making ropes & jewellery
  • Combination (Action day) – approx. 4 hours. A combination of the bushwalk and the “live in the village” tour


* Summer months = Jan, Feb, Mar, Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec. 

* Winter months = Apr, May, Jun, Jul and Aug.