Guided Walks (Morning & Sundowner)

Walking around the lodge area is highly encouraged and is an excellent way to experience the beauty of the Erongo Mountains. Our guides have been very well trained in the exciting Fauna and Flora of the area and are available to escort guests through the property.

Guided Morning walks

Breakfast is available in the restaurant from 07h00. Your guide will take juice and snacks along. Please carry your water. Please ensure that you wear good walking shoes and have adequate sun protection.  

  •  Ai Aiba Walk: This walk is 2 – 3 hours in duration and can be of varying degrees of difficulty depending on your preference. It will include visits to specific rock art sites and a focus on the smaller intricacies of nature.
  • Walk & Drive: This activity starts from the lodge with a 10min drive to Moringa valley. Guests hike to several different rock art sites, including some fantastic viewpoints. Then another short drive (10-15min), followed by a hike through the majestic landscape to view more rock art sites and interesting rock formations. A short 20min drive will then take you back to the lodge. The total duration is approximately 3 hours.
  • Walk with a visit to the San Living Museum: This walk is approximately 3 hours. Our guides will walk with you to the San Living Museum, stopping at specific rock art sites en route. Once at the Living Museum, the bushman will take guests on a bushwalk, and then our guides will lead you back to the lodge again.

The morning walk departs at 07h30 (Summer and Winter) from the restaurant.

Guided Sundowner walk

An invigorating walk up a granite hill, situated close to Ai-Aiba Lodge, where you can relax and enjoy a cold ‘sundowner’ drink while watching the sunset over spectacular views of the Erongo Mountains.

Note that our guide will gladly take your drinks order and carry them up to the sundowner spot for you.

Sundowner walk departs at 18h30 (Summer) and 17h30 (Winter) from the restaurant.